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Founded in 2019 in a small roadside tea shop in Kathmandu (Nepal), 88 Collective is a motley crew of experienced individuals from media, advertising, business, and strategy backgrounds from India and Nepal who have all come together to create an entity determined to play a leading role in shaping the business landscape of Nepal in the years to come.

The core focus of 88 Collective is to provide 360-degree marketing and branding solutions (idea and execution) to businesses in Nepal by drawing in best practices from India and other global markets and creating tailor-made solutions for our clients. In addition to this, we also play an advisory role for other business needs of our clients including GTM strategy, operational effectiveness etc.



what we do

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At the 88 collective, we create innovative content that helps connect by building trust and relationship. Our content ranges from visual, audio, digital to static print that aims at lending a hand to make an informed purchasing decision. What we do best is aid brands in making a memorable impression that allows people to know what to expect of it. Moreover, our prolific align with the company’s identity and strategy boosts the brand image and position distinguishing it from the rest and clarifying what is it that is offered that makes the brand a better choice.

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A digital engagement enhances the interaction and delivers excellent customer experience at the same time, keeping that in mind at the 88 collective we design messages and engage with audiences/clients through digital media sources. With our extensive skills in handling digital communication tools, we provide data driven digital media optimization to engage brands with their consumers. This additionally helps us deal with new information and enables us to keep up with changes in the marketing environment.

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Nothing like a great experience that has a profound impact on a brand or business as a whole and one of the most impactful services provided here at the 88 Collective is the experience we create for the clientele of the brands. With the use of Below the Line (BTL) activations, we organize and conduct events that are more specific and consumer centric which creates an ecstatic sense for the clientele of the brand.

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Marketing Campaign Creation and Execution Support

The importance of an organized course of action to promote or sell a brand to the customers has become one of the most important things that needs to be done as of today. We do that and even better as our marketing campaign is a planned sequence executed through a multitude of channels that are used and coordinated to deliver effective results.

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Brand Audit

While we are busy creating we also make a thorough examination of the brand’s current position in the market and review its effectiveness. This helps us determine the strengths of our brand together with its weaknesses and opportunities for improvements and new developments.

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Brand Activation

Brand activation is relatively something new that we offer. This simply is building awareness for a brand by directly engaging with target audience customers. We get consumers themselves to act through such activations which could be helpful for a brand- its image and positioning.

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Media Planning

Here we try and determine the best combination of media to achieve the objective of 88 Collective. This is done by estimating the number of audiences that can be reached through the various media, the ad vehicles, frequency of the ad and the amount of money to be spent in each medium.

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Strategic Consulting

Under strategic consulting we essentially help analyze the business practices and goals and make suggestions for any improvement that needs to be made by the client/client brand. This helps a brand prepare for a better positioning as well as identity the various trends within any specific market or customer group. Intelligibly, we help you gather the required market knowledge.

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Content Creation and Distribution Support

The ultimate inbound practice of marketing where we provide information to your audience attracting them to your website and retaining the existing audience through quality content and distribution. With such we help influence conversions, bring in new lead and reflect market expertise into the brand picture. Choosing us will set your brand apart because we understand and value that content is important during each step in the marketing funnel.


The bio

88 collective

We chose the number 88 as a symbol of fortune and good luck in Chinese culture. We are committed to exploring infinite possibilities while working with our clients so the 8’s in our logo are shaped like the infinity symbol.

We also strongly believe in collaboration and equally value the voice of each member of our organization thereby making us a truly flat ‘Collective’.

Our minimalist logo is a conscious choice as it represents our endeavor to cut the noise and deliver simple clutter-breaking value to our partners.

Logo symbol of fortune



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Our Squad

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Our team comprises individuals who come from diverse sets of experiences and backgrounds in all facets of branding, digital marketing, designing, web development, and digital content creation and work together to give outstanding results.

All of us at 88 Collective believe in adapting to the needs of our clients. Proper communication with the clients and among our team members is one of our biggest strengths.

Always open to new challenges, learning from our experiences and working with rejuvenated motivation, focus, and enthusiasm have been the secret of our growth and success.

Pratik Aryal

Marketing Maestro

Pratik Aryal is our ‘Marketing Maestro’ from Kathmandu, Nepal. He was the first one to identify a need-gap in the Nepal market and came up with the idea of setting up an entity which serves as an extended marketing and business advisory arm to the local businesses in Nepal.

He has 11 years of experience in marketing, digital and media. Formerly worked at Nimbus and Gurkha Technology.

Suzina Maharjan

Graphic Girl

Suzina is someone who has original ideas and has a keen eye for creativity. Suzina is capable of creating imaginative designs, is open to learning more and create effective designs that align with the requirements of our clients and not only meet their expectations but exceeds them. With proficient knowledge of Adobe applications like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, she can design and edit illustrations, posts and documents for both web and print.

Suzina is a graduate of Bachelors in Fine Arts as a major in Graphics Communication. Before joining us at 88, she had 4-years’ experience as a Graphics Designer split between working in two different organizations: Graphics Designer at TheSquare and Senior Graphics Designer at Urban Nomads.

Besides her professional work, she also indulges in a hobby of creating adorable illustrations of the reel-life and real-life characters and contemporary events.

Asbin Karn

Digital Daredevil

Asbin is the Digital Daredevil expert at fighting the evils and hindrances present in the client’s empire. The weapons in his arsenal include generating leads, building brand identity, reaching a wider audience, solving client’s marketing challenges, and tracking their success. He has been empowering clients with his knowledge and skills for the last 3 years, has managed projects and shaped new ideas and better marketing approaches for different brands and how the Daredevil is at your service.

Sujit Dhungel

Ruthless Researcher

Sujit is a Ruthless Researcher whose superpowers include collecting, organizing, and analyzing opinions and data to solve problems, explore issues, and predict trends. He displays ruthlessness while aligning methodologies with research goals, using a range of tools to acquire information and interpret data, writing up reports and presenting findings and schedules to management and other stakeholders, identifying trends and patterns, conducting fieldwork and tests when required, as well as protecting databases and confidential information.

Shlesh Aditya Das

Operation and Finance All rounder

Shlesh is our all rounder Operation and Finance Manager. From executing management decisions as well as improvement and implementation of operational strategies and procedures he also examines and handles our financial data and uses them to improve overall financial stability. He also insures our quality of service every time for each of our client. Besides all of that, with a witty sense of humor which never fails to lighten up the mood in the room, he has an exceptional communication and managerial capabilities that help promotes good company culture and morale among the individuals which makes him an all rounder for 88 Collective.

Sulabh Gurung

Graphic Geek

Sulabh is a graphic geek who does not like to give up until and unless he comes up with something aspiring. With his knowledge in Adobe applications he remains indulge in his work may it be professional or personal. Alongside his graphic knowledge he is intrigued with anime and hence he has fascinating ideas for designs and animations. Though he says he is still in a learning curve, he shows much more than what is expected of him. Generating ideas, creating effective designs and contemplating on them until he comes up with much better and exceeds his own expectations are just a few of Sulabh’s geeky traits.

Aditya Acharya

A Scribbler

Aditya is a creative content writer and copywriter. With his past experience in advertising he has gained knowledge regarding the needs and requirements of contents for client’s satisfaction. His interest lays in advertising and content creation which overall helps in generating ideas that captures the attention of target audience. He is a reader and scribbler in his personal time which comes in handy for generating ideas for content creation. A professional who is intrigued on providing the clients with his creative ideas and does not stop learning from them.

Mithlesh Yadav

Visual Communicator

Mithilesh is an imaginative video editor with a creative approach towards filmmaking and videography. He can understand the desired outcome of a project when meeting with clients and the ability to bring them to life. He is capable of editing video projects and inserting sound effects, music, and transitions. Additionally, making GIFs and animations is his forte. He’s equipped with the communication skills required to have a solid understanding of project scope and implementation.

Mithlesh Yadav

Rikesh Upadhyay

Wily Web Wizard

Rikesh is our all-rounder when it comes to the realm of web development. He is proficient with JavaScript, Python, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Web Programming Skills, E-Commerce, Teamwork, Verbal Communication, Web User Interface/Experience Design (UI/UX), Security Principles, Object-Oriented Design. With experience of working with OFT (Official Future Tech) and Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal under his belt, he’s well equipped to identify, analyze, and solve our clients every website related quandary.

Yagya Pokhrel

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Client Testimonials

our reviews

Kumud Singh

Alpine/Kathmandu Coffee

Coffee Culture in Nepal is in its initial phase but we have always promoted coffee as on alternative beverage option. 88 Collective helped us strategize our business-to-business model for digital coffee sales through social media and its execution.

Olivier Valeix

Managing Director
Alpha Global Solutions, Hong Kong

Creative design and content writing are very subjective topics. In our industry, we have strict guidelines with limited room to play but, my team was redly impressed with the protectionism and creativity shown by 88 Collective in the limited timeframe and volume of work they managed to handle. 88 Collective understood the need of global appeal we demanded and exceeded our expectations on the final deliverables.

Prajwal Bhattarai

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
BRB Motors PVT. LTD.

What started as an experiment that has been one of the best collaborations with 88 Collective, the idea of selling cars via social media was alien to us. 88 Collective team helped us strategize our promotion techniques along with content generation, assisted us in setting up a response unit with cold calling training and personnel development. BRB motors admired the understanding 88 collective team brought in sales and digital promotion maintaining creativity and engagement.

Shlesh Das

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Hishan Amatya

Design Doctor

Hishan is our Creative Head with skills like leadership, critical thinking, and decision making. He also possesses additional skills of corporate designing, project management and studio management.

Formerly worked as COO at DreamersNepal & DreamersStudio, as Graphic designer at TheSquare Design & Communication, The Investment Board, Nepal and Momento Concern.
Hishan has plenty of experience of working with NGOs/INGOs like UNICEF, UNWOMEN, WWF, ActionAid, GiZ and banks like Sunrise Bank, Global IME Bank, Himalayan Bank and NB Bank. Some other of his past clients include Hotel Royal Singhi, DownTown Housing, Pokhara Apartment and Namuna College of Fashion and Technology.

Experience of working with a variety of organizations he has honed his abilities of problem solving and producing results that satisfies clients while working under pressure.

Randhir Chaudhary

Word Wizard

Randhir is a creative young content writer and copywriter with interests in marketing, advertising and present trends in popular culture. He is someone with eyes for details who can come up with imaginative ideas that captures the attention of the target audience. A hardworking professional who presents the client with options and doesn’t stop until the client is completely satisfied.

Anisha Poudel

Operation Manager

Anisha looks after our operations which involves executing important management and strategic decisions, as well as the improvement and implementation of operational strategies and procedures. She is equipped with exceptional communicating capabilities and manages coordination between our creative team members and helps promote a company culture that boosts morale and individual as well as collective performance.

She also ensures our quality of service is up to the mark every time for every client. In addition to operations, she handles our Human Resource and Finances as well. All the applications, hiring and termination of staff goes through her. She examines our financial data and uses them to improve the overall financial stability of 88 Collective.

Raman Shrestha

Service Slayer

Working as a client service officer is Raman who acts a medium to establish a connection between the client and the office team members. With seven year long experience in the field, he helps coordinate the team. His business background helps generate ideas for various market situation and business strategies.

Raman Shrestha

Prajjwol Bhattarai

Digital Sorcerer

Prajjwol is the man behind our digital expertise. He possesses great team management, communication and customer service skills. His skillset further includes management of ATL, BTL and TTL campaigns, social media promotions and event planning and management.
With imaginative ideas based on recent trends in digital marketing, he devices plans that deliver guaranteed growth to our clients.

He has previously worked at VMAG as Assistant Marketing Manager and as Business Development Manager at Urban Girl.



our goals


Our vision is to create true ‘customer centricity’ in the way businesses interact with consumers.


Our mission is to become the most trusted and most respected business and marketing advisory in Nepal and grow 88 Collective into a global strategy and creative powerhouse born in Nepal.






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